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Djembe / Dunun Drum Rehead Repair

cradle knots on a djembe drum

Rehead your djembe with goat or cow skin:

  • Replace skin (shaved unless a hairy goat is requested!)
  • Wrap rings (optional) and replace cradle knots
  • Assess and reshape bearing edge
  • Condition the drum shell
  • Rope Handle
djembe drum head trimmed edges
djembe drum head Sou Sou braid
djembe drum head with skin over

There are three options for the skin after it’s on the drum:

trimmed edges, Sou Sou braid and skin over. The skin over and Sou Sou braid are not available with the cow skin.

djembes that have been reheaded

For information about djembe woods

see “Djembe Buying Guide” from drumsticktony.com

A tune up and assessment is $15.00, with the understanding that the most vulnerable time for a djembe skin is when it is being tuned and stretched. If, during the assessment, the djembe/dunun skin splits and you want it repaired, the $15.00 will be applied to cost of the rehead.

Questions: Contact Robin at (336) 813-8110.

colorful rope and rings for reheading djembes and dununs

Dunun reheads

Price depends on replacement of one or both drum heads and size of drum. Please call for assessment and pricing.

  • Rehead with cow skin
  • Wrap rings (optional) and replace cradle knots
  • Assess and reshape bearing edge
  • Condition drum shell
Bountou reheading a dunun

“My new drum is HOT, HOT, HOT! You have truly outdone yourself. Thanks doesn’t begin to cover it.”


“MY newly re-headed drum is Hot, Hot, Hot as well! Way to go, Bountou!”


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