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Beat Stress, Beat Boredom, Beat Sickness, Beat Loneliness, Beat a Drum!

Classes and Private Lessons

drumming class of people learning about teamwork

Classes and workshops are set up for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. They can be djembe or dunun classes/workshops or both. Instructor Robin “Bountourabi” Leftwich has been a student of the drum for over twenty-five years.

Learn more about Bountou and contact us for details and pricing. See our Workshops below for corporate team-building and leadership training.

“Robin has an amazing ability to get drummers of all levels to not only learn a new rhythm, but have fun doing it!”

Tony Griffin, drumsticktony

Drumming Lessons For All Levels

Beginning students just need to come with the hunger to play and have a great time. We will learn the basic sounds of the djembe, how to sit, relax and be comfortable with your djembe. We will learn starting and stopping with a signal/break while learning a rhythm and arrangement.

Intermediate students need to have some basic drumming behind them but also have a willingness to have a great time. We will work with learning 4, 5 and 6 stroke rolls, duple/triple meter rhythms, and begin work with the dunun.

Advanced students need to know the sounds of the djembe, rolls (4, 5 and 6 stroke) and have a willingness to have a great time. We will cover more advanced rhythms, solos and soloing and work more with integrating the dunun.

Private lessons are also available. They are set up beforehand and catered to meet the needs of the student. $20.00 for ½ hour and $35.00 for 1 hour.

Passport Series – Broaden your knowledge and experiences, push the boundaries of personal success, overcome the limitations we perceive in ourselves, and embrace the diversity of West African music as we continue to foster a fun and failure-free environment that promotes learning, discovery and self-expression. Come experience the Passport Series!

See our Calendar of events for upcoming classes. All classes include the history and tradition surrounding each rhythm and information about the culture that the music comes from.

people playing djembe drums in class
drumming class students learning by playing drum games

If you have 6 or more people, we can bring our classes to you!

  • Meditative drumming
  • Drum circle facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Corporate events
  • Schools
  • Seniors
  • Healthy Living

Workshops For Corporate and Group Learning

Happy Beat Drumming workshops provide a high-energy interactive training experience by using the universal language of music to strengthen teams and enhance both personal and group leadership skills. Participants will actively learn about the following:

  • The Importance of Shared Vision & Guiding Principals
  • Verbal & Non-verbal Communication
  • Understanding and Appreciating Diversity
  • Building Community in the Workplace
  • Preparing for Personal & Group Success
    corporate and group drumming workshops

    Put the rhythm back into your business, your team, and your life with Happy Beat Drumming!

    We currently offer the following workshops:

    • T.E.A.M. – Team-building Experience through African Music
    • L.E.A.D. – Leadership Experience through African Drumming
    • Combination of T.E.A.M and L.E.A.D. exercises (recommended)
    women enjoying team building in a shekere class

    Contact us to schedule your event.

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